From September 2019 on Nikki has been part of the ensemble of the Staatsoper Hannover
Due to the pandemic some performances were cancelled, but we’re back on stage fulltime this season

This page includes performances in Hannover and other engagements


Sweeney Todd, S. Sondheim
Role: joanna
Regie: Theu Boermans, conductor: James Hendry
27th november
14, 30, 31th december
8, 19, 22th January
22, 26th June
3, 8th July
Staatsoper Hannover

Le Nozze di Figaro, WA Mozart
Role: Susanna
Regie: Lydia Steier , Conductor: Giulio Cilona
16, 20, 29th January
5, 23, 26th February
5th March
Staatsoper Hannover

8th of april
Matthäus Passion, JS Bach
Soprano solo’s
Residentie Bachkoor, Jos vermunt
Amare, Den Haag, 19.30

18th of May
Songrecital with Barbara Kozelj & Thomas Beijer
Internationaal Lied Festival Zeist

Der Vampyr, H. Marschner
Role: Emmy
Regie: Ersan Mondtag, Conductor: Stephan Zilias
25, 27, 31th March
8, 21, 23, 30th April
6th May
5, 9th June
Staatsoper Hannover

11th & 12th of June
Rossini, Petit Messe Solennelle
Groot Concertkoor Amsterdam, Benjamin Bakker
11th of June 20.00 Zuiderkerk Amsterdam
12th of June 15.00 Grote Kerk Monnickendam

3d September
Open air concert
Staatsoper Hannover 15.00 – 17.00

17th September 2022
Arnhemsche Psalm, H. Strategier
soprano solo with also Drew Santini, baritone and Peter Blok, declamator
Phion orchestra conducted by Ed Spanjaard
Arnhem-Musis 20.00
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Dialogues des Carmélites, F. Poulenc
Role: Blanche
Regie: Dietrich W. Hilsdorf, conductor: Giulio Cilona
8, 14, 26 oktober
10, 13 november
Staatsoper Hannover

Die Zirkusprinzessin, E. Kálmán
Role: Miss Mabel
Regie: Felix Seiler, Choreography: Danny Costello, Conductor: Giulio Cilona
25, 30 november
8, 10, 16, 18, 22, 31 december
8, 27 January
4 February
4, 6, 17th of May
Staatsoper Hannover

Hänsel und Gretel, E. Humperdinck
Role: Gretel
Regie: Stefan Tiggler, Conductor: Giulio Cilona/Felix Bender
1, 11, 12, 15, 20 December
Staatsoper Hannover

11th of February 2023
J.S. Bach / Schumann
Cantate Herr, gehe nicht ins Gericht, BWV 105
Mis, op. 20
Soprano solo
Radio Filharmonisch Orkest
Groot Omroepkoor
Aapo Häkkinen conductor
Zaterdagmatinee, Concertgebouw 14.15
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Tilge Höchter, meine Sünden, J.S. Bach
Duitstalige bewerking van Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater
met Lindsey Coppens, alt
Grote kerk, Den Bosch
11th of March, 2023
17.00 & 20.00

L’Orfeo, C. Monteverdi
Role: La Musica & Euridice
Regie: Silvia Costa, Conductor: David Bates
28 april
5, 12, 18, 21, 26, 29 may
2, 10 June
Staatsoper Hannover

Le Nozze di Figaro, WA Mozart
Role: Susanna
Regie: Lydia Steier, Conductor: Giulio Cilona
17, 20, 23, 30 June
4, 6 July
Staatsoper Hannover


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